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You see that board…yea…I broke it on Sunday night at REMIX. ( we launched into a new series call THE GOOD FIGHT that is trying to help teens fight for a relationship with their parents. To help set the series up Taylor Hughes a friend I know who is a black belt came up and brought me a karate suit, and taught me how to break a board and in front of a ton of people broke that thing. I had to post it and I am keeping it in my office. You do need to come by and check that out. It was so much fun.

Today is Valentine’s Day and man I am blessed with an incredible wife. We are going on a date on Friday and I am ready for the time with her. God so blessed me with such a beautiful woman with such a love for life. She is an incredible mom and wife and I love her so much. Chelsea you are the best! Oh yea…we had a sweet party for my little girls also. They know their dad loves them.

This is a week that I have needed to step back and get better perspective on life and ministry. It has been challenging but God has brought me through to see things a little clearer. For me when things are going well I still go through times of self introspection and find myself evaluating the ministry going on around me. There is a balance to find in evaluating, creating, improving, and stepping back and RESTING in the God that this is all for. My life is for His Glory. There are times to step back and embrace that truth. I am His and I live for be fully pleased in God. This is the day to step back and REST and TRUST. Thanks God for all you do.