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I love innovation. I love seeing things get better. One of the cool tings about Apple as a company is with all their products they are on a mission to make them better. They never arrive, they are always trying to make the products and services they have better. The environment I work and strive in is a church. In my day to day life at GCC I have a passion to see our team make this local church the best it can be. I love that we have the freedom to innovate, create, start, quit, and dream. When we meet as a staff we are always asking ourselves how we make things better. Part of innovation is simply exploring new ideas. The idea of the Internet being our second campus here at GCC is not a new idea but the idea of “Internet church” or “Internet campus” where people can connect with each other and with God is new. Imagine someone claiming to go to Grace Community totally by an online experience. That would be very new for us but the reality is that we have hundreds of soldiers doing this every week overseas. If you have time check out Pete Wilson’s post about Internet church. Check out the comments posted and think about it. Goof stuff Pete!