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At our office we try to keep our doors open as much as possible. We love the exchange if ideas that comes we when we have freedom to connect with each other during the day. We want conversation to happen and ideas to flow freely. What we are discovering when you have this type of office environment is that you have to become intentional with your alone time…you have to plan distraction free time. Because we are so available due to email, instant messaging, video chat, and text messaging combined with natural interruptions from members of our team in the office we are easily distracted from the finishing any project. This year our family ministry team is trying to plan times of intentional isolation. This is just a block of time where we place an isolation sign on our door and we give ourselves time to focus on creating without distraction. We are finding when we get alone for a block of time we accomplish more and fuel creativity. We also find when we block time out for isolation we create space to focus on what is most important. In our culture of constant connection don’t apologize for taking time to be alone and focus.