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One of the innovations we are implementing this fall at GCC is the FAMILY PACK that is produced by 252 Basics ( Basically this is a monthly tool that helps take what we do at church with kids home so their parents can invest in their kids. We have 10 families using them right now and we will have one more test group use it next month before we launch in October. Chelsea and I have been talking with Kozbi about Honor all month while each Sunday she experiences it again in Cross Street. We have loved it. It helps us remember each week that we are the biggest influence in our daughter’s faith journey. I am really getting excited about how God would use this in our church. As parents we need tools that hep us know how to invest in our kids. Business seems to rob of us this time and a guide helps make it a priority. Kids need to see us living real Faith in Jesus. This tool is going to be amazing. For you GCC folks, look for it to be released in October for your family!