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Got new phones at the GCC office yesterday! Yes, take a look…these are the same phones on Bayne’s favorite show 24 . As soon as our tech guy pulled them out of the box I was STOKED that now our team at GCC can join the effort to stop terrorism with Jack Bauer! Jack may even work at GCC now, that is top secret and we have to protect his role on our staff. We even have the CTU ring. Today I am going to go buy some stock in Cisco and make some calls on my official CTU issued office phone.

Ok Ok, really this new setup is called Voice IP and it is basically a computer based phone system. It is going to save us a TON of money each year and it is the way office phone technology is going. We just learned we could even pull this off a few months ago…people in our area just have not embraced the technology. Thanks to Thor Systems for hooking us up and helping GCC break the mold even with our flipping phone system! Save money and get a better product for the team. Works for me!