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People love job titles. They like those words that define what they do and what they offer. “I do this or that at my job.” Titles seem to define our worth at work. I have a sweet title that no one but those of us at GCC understand. It is always fun to get to say this is my job and then get to explain it to people. People also like job descriptions. That neat framework that lets them in on what they do at work. It is very nice to have one but mine always seems to be changing because I am changing and what needs to be done in my organization keeps changing. CHANGE! Wow it never goes away. These job titles and job descriptions just seem pointless unless you are an administrator and you need them for your organizational chart that you love. All of us have to know what area we are leading but after that we just need to start finding out how we can make our organizations better. The question I keep coming back to is, what can I do today to make Grace Community Church better? On Sundays it is, what can I do to help someone else have a great experience? What if we all strived to be the best we can be in our areas of responsibility then just began to serve and step up to make our churches better places for be people to experience? We need to offer more to our work/church/ family than what we can write down on a job description of put in a title. Lets just go for it and serve. I hope we can keep empowering staff and volunteers to serve with the kind of spirit that finds the need and then works to fulfill the need even if it is not in their JOB DESCRIPTION.