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I started this thing thinking I needed to journal a little better, put some thoughts down, think out loud. Well, I have not had much I have wanted to blog about. This is just a random collection of my thoughts and reflections on life in general. Not sure why everything has to be serious? People tell me about these blogs where people complain and gripe and vent…well not sure the web is where that is best for but that is just not for me.

It has been exciting to think through Family Ministry, yes my title is director of family ministry. I am just now, a month in figuring out some of what I am going to be doing here. Family Ministry is not an add on position to add busyness to the church. It is not adding a parenting conference, or a fall festival for the family. We define Family MInistry as a process by which all of our ministry enviroments work together to lead kids and teens to be come fully devoted followers of Christ and in turn partner with parents to accomplish this goal. I am figuring out that my ministry is to equip families to help the home become the #1 spiritual influence for Christ. Parents long for this they just need help knowing what to do. Our team is thinking through how we are gonna do this at Grace Community. it is a fun time at work for sure!

At home we are getting there with getting the house painted, carpet ordered, and all that stuff. it is all coming together but right now we are in that phase of always working on something at home. When do we get DONE? not sure yet but I thinking PAINTING PARTY! We will see…