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Having lunch today and a gentleman came into my restaurant, well my Subway, well the one I go to 3 or 4 times a week. I recognized the guy from as a leader from another local church and remembered that we had met once before. Not sure if he saw me or remembered me but he sat down right beside me. In that moment I have this internal discussion of should I say hello or just eat my sub of the day. I chose to say hi, we talked for a while, we ate our subs and I made my way back to the office. Through several occurrences lately I have been reminded of the power of simply being friendly to the people I cross paths with. It takes little to be self centered and not pay attention to folks God places in our path BUT things just turn out better when I look around and choose the friendly route. I know FRIENDLY sounds kind of sissy-ISH but you never know when those choices will pay off. Never forget people are watching and people remember. A kind word, a forgiving spirit, a little encouragement, or a positive attitude go a long way in how others see you. Just a Tuesday thought…BE NICE PEOPLE BE NICE! (screamed out like Michael Scott on the office)