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no pic for the post yet but I got back on Friday from a week at Camp Cherokee…somewhere in the mountains,outside of Ocoee TN. (thanks to Michael Higdona dn Jeremy Bullock for leading at our student gathering!) Brainerd baptist held their student camp there and I spoke in the morning and evening worship times. This was my third time with Brainerd. I had done the morning sessions only 2 times and this was my first year to speak at night also. It was so sweet to see kids that I had been to camp as middle schoolers now in high school. So many og them had matured into leaders. There were a group of kids there really new to the church thing and many of then became followers of Christ. A ton of kids really connected with God. That is what is wild about speaking for a week to students. They are so open to truth, they are hungry for truth, they are ready for it and when they embrace God’s truth and change begins. Josh Wilson lead worship for us, GREAT guy that I would love to lead with again. he and his band hit a home run. Josh is putting out a new album in 2008 with Sparrow records so look out for that. it is gonna be great. Josh will be coming to remix this to lead worship for our students and then we will hold a concert after our gathering open to teens and Austin Peay for sure! I am stoked about our students being around this guy.

Nataniel Edmonson went to camp to run media shout and just serve, we had a great time (CANTEEN!!!!) He will get that. It was great to hang out with him during the week, he was great support and we had great times laughing the entire time. I needed while speaking two times a day. That is draining for sure.

I am so stoked, this week Daniel Doss is recording for his new album. We are so stoked at grace and are already singing one of the new songs that will be on the album (maybe). I am also stoked because Michael Higdon will be leading the service on Sunday. We hired Michael about a month ago and he has been a blessing. Michael and Daniel lead the worship ministry at Grace together and they are doing an incredible job, it is wild to see them work together. Back to Daniel, you will not believe how great the new stuff sounds, I can not wait for the cd to release. it may launch early on itunes so GEt ready!