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Ok, it was my birthday yesterday. I did have a great day and it was cool to hear from so man folks on facebook and twitter. THANKS so much. Here in the GCC office we celebrate each staff members b-day and try to get them something they would like. I will show you a picture of what our team got me at the end of this post. We have had several staff birthday’s come up the past few months and it has been fun to celebrate that day with them. Yes we get to pick on them for a day but we also get to let them know how thankful we are for them and their efforthere at grace Community. It takes a little effort and we have one person here on staff (Karen Grizzard!!!) who makes sure we are all on track but it helps everyone take time to celebrate the great team God has placed here. The greatest asset any church or ministry has are its leaders and volunteers. People matter more than buildings and budgets. Your team will determine the extend of your influence not your budget! I am thankful to serve with a great team here. Here is what the staff here at GCC got me…(yes I love THE OFFICE)
I found this thing on my desk on Thursday…this is very scary and makes me want to take back everything I said about loving our team…WOW is all I can say!