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For some reason Ben Reed did not learn in elementary school that littering is a bad thing. You ask how I know this???? well just look at the proof. I am so sorry Pete, your son loves to put trash on others trucks. Ben has given in to the temptation of a trash fight, someone left pizza boxes on his truck and now he is lashing out at victims who have been victimized by a TRASH FIGHT. The innocent suffer here. Does Ben love God? not sure! Is Ben now qualified to be a community groups pastor? NOT SURE! Maybe we have taken this grace idea too far and I need to go out and start a legalistic church to help people understand the rules of following Christ and not littering…oops, this just in, there are plenty of those places already. I guess I will have to stand against trash fights ALONE and lash out in vengeance when it is least expected…it may be my only choice. I will be starting a victims of trash group on facebook tonight, please join!