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Kozbi got up Sunday morning and was really feeling bad so she stayed home with her mom and sister. Missing church used to be such a great thing for my wife and I when we had sick kids. Now we just get mad because we miss being with our spiritual family. So we Chelsea stayed home and I went on to church and we both tried to figure out if Kozbi was faking. Sunday afternoon we had then entire family out picking up rocks in the back yard and doing yard work. No big deal, I thought. She went to see the doctor this morning and BAM…she was not faking. Double ear infection and a bad sinus thing going down. What does this mean, Kozbi is amazing and is hard core about living life. Kozbi’s parents do not like going or taking anyone to the doctor. The cool thing is that when she came back in the door this morning from going to the doctor she brought me a racing sticker she had picked out for me at the doctors office. Wow! That means nothing to many of you but what she was screaming to me was, I LOVE YOU. My Koz is a little gift giver. She loves to give and I am nothing like that. I love it when my little girl teaches me another way to show people I care about them. Kozbi, thanks for the sticker!