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When you live in a military town memorial day takes on an entirely different meaning. We are blessed to be able to live alongside families who serve our country and protect our freedom. I consider it an honor to call many of these families friends. I have been blessed to get to know teens who watch their moms and dads go to Iraq for a year at a time. Every day the reality of war is present in Clarksville and we live knowing that our friends are standing in the gap for us here in the States. When i think about ti all i can say is thanks. Thanks to the families who sacrifice, thanks for helping this world be a better place. Make no mistake, the guys we have deployed around the world fight because they believe in America, what America stands for. They fight for their sons, daughters, wives back home….for their future. Someone has to look evil in the face and do something about it, many of my friends do just that. Thanks.

Today, this weekend. We had a great Sunday at GCC. Chelsea’s family came up and I got to play golf with my father-in-law at Swan Lake. We were going to take all the kids (our 2 and my in laws adopted 4!!!!) to the water park in hopkinsville on Monday but, well if you live in Clarksville you know about the rain. We still had a great day here at home. I stayed off the cell, hung out with the family and still managed to cook a steak tonight. Memorial Day is meant for the grill and when the rain stopped I made it happen. Great rest before the busy summer hits. First camp of summer is next week. It is gonna be a great summer, get to be a part of some great stuff for students and get ready for fall at GCC. I sense God has some huge stuff for us to experience this year.