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We made it to MERGE 09 and it all goes down this weekend. We use MERGE as one weekend where our Lifegroups can come together and go to another level. We are stoked because all of lifegroup leaders were able to be here this weekend and pour into our students. For this retreat we stay here in Clarksville and have our lifegroups crash in homes here in the city, ALMOST like one huge sleepover on CRACK. Because we do not use homes for our groups each week the intimacy goes to another level and teens are really able to pause and let their guard down. It is going to be great to hear the stories that come out of MERGE. We are excited about having Patrick Willis and Cameron Gwaltney lead the worship in each gathering with my former band from First Baptist Norfolk, they are GREAT! Pat Rowland from Cross Point church in Nashville is speaking and I know God will use him this weekend. Pat does what I do here at GCC on staff at Cross Point.

Just want to ask any of you who follow this blog at or on facebook please pray for us this weekend. We simply want to allow our lives to merge with God’s plan for us this weekend. There is no other goal than to allow Jesus to shape all of us. We end MERGE back at GCC on Sunday at the 9 AM service so get ready for us to take over the service! See ya Sunday!