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A team of 20 leaders and high school students leaves Sunday for a week of serving in New Orleans Sunday at 7 AM, yes, one week to give our lives away and serve others. Yes I know it does not sound fun to serve other people but this is what we were made for, this was God’s plan. His hope is that we will see hurt and bring healing in a dark place. This week we will be updating our blog with some pics each day and some thoughts from New Orleans. This will be the week where we put the summer pickle to REST (if you went to Bigstuf or Student Life you know what we are talking about) We are praying God will use us to make a difference, to think His thoughts, to serve His way, to love the way He has made us to love. It will be incredible to see what God does and you get a front row seat here on the relevant blog and at

You can check out MissionLab at . It is an amazing organization and we are thrilled to get to partner with them for a week.

So ready for the 4th of July…our family is heading to the lake to hang out with my family. Nothing like cooking out, jet skis and the lake. It will be great to get to relax before we leave for an intense week of serving in New Orleans. So thankful for the freedom we have here in America and love this holiday to remind us of what a great place we live. Thanks to all who are on the front lines bringing democracy and freedom to the world. We have so many friends who serve in the military all over the world. Thanks! What you do is making a difference!