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Well, I got invited to go and see MC play in the sweet 16 of division 3 college basketball and well let me put this nice, MC got their hat handed to them. The played hard but could not hit the broad side of a barn, it was touch to see. MC is a great school where a ton of our students go to college and we have a few alums on staff with us. Go MC BUT the game was played at Virginia Wesleyan College here in Hampton Roads and of course it is a Methodist college. As the game went along the student section revealed a little bit of the character pushed at VWC as they yelled “bull BEEP” (insert expletive) after many calls made by the refs. I am no puritan and I never get frustrated when those things are shouted at the University of Tennessee or UK or any university out there that does not sell itself as a “Christian” institution, BUT I do struggle when schools use Christ to get parents to send kids to them and then show no difference in leadership or character than any other school. There should be something different about how students who follow Christ or claim Christ or go to a Christian College act, live, party, hang out, study, work, or just go to a ball game. I am all about going crazy at games, saying crazy stuff, yelling at refs, but man – come on. it would have been sweet if the leadership of the school had of stopped the game and handled the situation but they did not, they just watched a good game and went on. I guess I am just tired of universities using Christ to sell their school and then having nothing distinctive about they way their school operates. My suggestion to all of you out there looking for a “Christian” undergrad experience – do what Christ would do, find a campus that needs the message of Salvation lived out and shared and then go there and become a missionary for 4 years! Lets quit huddling up and go live our faith out and yes I went to the Middle Tennessee State University, GO BLUE RAIDERS!

If you are gonna go to a “Christian” school go to one that actually is making a difference for Christ…Union, Sanford, Ouachita, Mississippi College, or Liberty just to name a few. No school is perfect but find a school who actually hires profs that believe the Bible is God’s Word then you might be OK. Find a school that is actively leading their students to share Christ in the community and you might be on the right track. Find a school who would stop a game and address the student body for shouting BS in a game.