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Today I was on the phone, buckling up Kelyn in the car, telling Chelsea goodbye, grabbing my laptop from her car, and leaving the YMCA when I looked around and noticed I didn’t have my book or the Diet Mt. Dew I was drinking. In my rush to multitask I left it on the top of Chelsea’s car and it ended up in the middle of Madison Street being rushed over by passing cars. Yes, I rescued this book, which is very good. I almost got hit in the process but hey, it was an adventure. I never found the Diet Dew, but the point is that when we multitask we leave ourselves open to make mistakes. We are a multitask generation and I have joined right in. We get tons done but we leave ourselves open to silly mistakes. They will happen. We have a small staff here at GCC for the amount of people we serve each week. We are used to multitasking, we all do it. We all also have had to learn to be patient when we miss small things or make annoying mistakes because we are juggling too many tasks. This has been the multitask week of the year for me as me and the team have gotten ready for remix, Sunday morning environments, and the kickoff of our first family production Cross Street Live. The rule is for the weekend, enjoy the productivity, deal with the mistakes, rely on God, and enjoy the moment. We have all worked hard, we have all balanced different things on our plate and now we get to see it all come together. If I can go out in the road and get this book back surely we can get through the weekend. The key I am finding is not to let the hectic pace distract me from the joy of serving people and God being glorified! So enjoy the multitasking, but do not forget to slow down and see God work!