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You are reading a guy who loves music and is trying to help his kids learn to love music. Chelsea and I have discovered that music is a powerful way to teach kids about…well…anything. For real, make a song about something and they will learn it. yes i made up a pee pee song for Kelyn, it is sweet! It is amazing to hear our girls sing the music that Chelsea listens to in the car, they know the words and they can not even read yet. So here is why I writing the short thing. Our kids go to sleep listening to music and it just dawned on me that I can make them a disk to listen to as they go to bed. I get to help them grab hold of the greatness of God as they go to sleep. I just finished the CD and it is full of North Point live, Hillsong United, Eddie Kirkland, Chris Tomlin, Building 429, Leeland, and maybe a little coldplay (just kidding for now!) but get the power of my girls going to sleep with this music on their brain. It is our job to help our kids understand the love of God and music is a powerful tool to help kids GET WHO GOD IS! Just an idea I wanted to throw out if your kids if they go to bed listening to music.