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Have you ever said that? I know you have thought it! I was reminded this week that most of the time we are responsible for that frustration. Ok, hear me out on this one because some of you out there have terrible supervisors and work in terrible environments that you hate and the only advice I have for you is to patiently (IN THIS ECONOMY) look for your next opportunity. I was listening to one of the break out sessions from Orange 2008 on the drive to Nashville and had an OH Yea moment. Jeanne Stevens,in the session on Leading You, said that to lead up to your supervisor you have to speak their language! Thanks Jeanne for reminding me of that idea because as look back it is so true. Every supervisor has a way they like to communicate and if we want to have influence and connection with them we have to learn to speak their language. We get frustrated because we want them to think, act, communicate and lead like us. Because we LEAD we want everyone to think, act, communicate, and lead like us. Some supervisors like email, some like to talk on the phone, some like lots of details, some hate details, some text, some like paper reports and memos, I guess some people like letters…just kidding. I have worked for some amazing leaders and as I look back they all liked to get info in different ways and at different paces. It is just a fact that if I want to connect with my supervisor (aka BOSS) them I have to learn that leadership tempo and language. If we are going to work well with our supervisors we have to speak their language! Thanks Jeanne for reminding me of that truth and free plug for the Orange Conference…our team is going back in 2009, you need to check it out!