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For the past six years I have been the Family Pastor here at Grace Community Church and on Monday we let our church know that I would be changing roles as I begin my seventh year here at the church. Last week I officially moved into the role of Executive Pastor and I am partnering with my friend Dennis Weiland to co-lead the church as a team. Yes, as scary as it is to read the last sentence it has been even more scary to live it out. I know that God has called me to this and prepared me for it but still I am learning more everyday about what it means to lead from the front of an organization rather than the second chair I have been in for 16 years of ministry. I am so excited about leading with a team of amazing pastors united behind the mission of GCC. I have a passion for the city of Clarksville and a passion for the mission and vision of Grace Community Church and I am so excited that I am going to be able to be a small part of this bigger story in the coming years.

You may wonder why we are moving to a team leadership model at Grace Community and why my title is Executive Pastor…here are a few answers to those questions…

  • A Staff Led Church Demands Someone Lead the Staff / We are a staff led church held accountable by a team of elders. If staff are leading the direction and vision of the church then someone has to lead that staff and make sure to create margin to think about more things than what happens on the stage on Sunday mornings. I am wired to lead teams and in this role I get to do that. I love communicating but I am also passionate about the bigger mission of the church. This role allows me to actually invest in our staff. My title is executive pastor because I will focus on leading the staff and leading through a team! I am so excited!
  • Grace Community was Founded on a Team Model / we began with team and we are now pushing forward around team. Team leadership sometimes slows major decisions but it also provides incredible accountability and perspective. I also understand that I am 37 years old. Team leadership ensures that I don’t lead in isolation. Team leadership also invites sharp leaders to the table to have a voice and we want to gather the best leaders from around the country to be a part of reaching our city and then give them real influence.
  • We Believe in a Team of Communicators / this really gets me pumped! We believe that people really need to hear from multiple voices as they grow spiritually and we are building a teaching team at GCC. In the coming years I will be to be one of the communicators and not the only communicator. I love to speak but I am a better speaker when I collaborate with a team. In every message at GCC in the coming years many pastors will have their influence come across with what is said on the stage because we will craft messages as a team. In the next few months we will add a communicator to our team to help carry the teaching load here. We are already praying for that next leader and we are excited about who God will bring!

So excited about the adventure ahead for my family and for this church. I am so honored to be a part of an amazing team. Grace Community is an amazing church and God has an incredible adventure ahead for us!