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At the beginning of November our children’s pastor at Grace Community came into my office and told me about the Bite Back project through Compassion that helps buy mosquito nets for kids in Africa to help stop the spread of Malaria. Sounded like an amazing way to serve kids on the other side of the planet so we went for it. Adam set our goal at 1,000 dollars. Honestly I thought this might be a little high. I wondered if our kids and adult leaders would grab on to the cause. My worries were a waste. As of today the kids in Cross Street (our kids ministry, check our have gone over the 1,000 mark! We think we may even reach 2,000 dollars raised by families and kids in our church. I was reminded once again to never underestimate the passion of kids when they see a need. Our kids and our small group leaders have a heart to make a difference. These kids will not settle just to talk about Christ, they want to live out their faith. This generation of kids is making a difference!