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Really excited about the new Hillsong United album. If you are out there and you go to GCC or you are connected with relevant you need to to go download this album today. What I love about United albums is that they have to grow on you. Every album has an end goal in mind and I love the live recording. Big thanks to the Hillsong team for helping us embrace the greatness of our God through music. The band will be in Nashville this weekend, grab a ticket if you can. Nate Edmondson will be there so look to his blog to see some feedback from the Nashville date.

This got me thinking…what are my three favorite worship albums of all time? Please I know the first one is older but come on, I am 33 now! These three helped me see what was possible in our worship expression through music in our gatherings. With all three of these albums I can pop them in the car today and just go for it. Here they are…

The last one is Steve Fee’s final album as an independent artist if you can find it get it, if not search for Fee on itunes for the new version of this album. These three are my favorite because they inspired other artists to think BIGGER. They all three helped me see God more clearly. So, who are your favorite artists that help lead you to engage God? I want to know…list your top three here. If you do not have my favorite three GO GET THEM! Who do you follow? Who helps you engage Christ in worship?