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Well – it is Sunday and I am between services and about to go and baptize three people in the 11 Am service. I got here to church at 7:30 to baptize to people, turns out I had the thrill of baptizing a 8 year old and 7 year old bother and sister. The parents where there and the entire family was so excited. We went and got everyone ready and then went through all the training stuff we do so people know what is going to happen. When i was in the water with those kids I could not help but smile to see their joy and simple love of God as they took this step. I became a Christ follower when I was 7 so I remember what they were going through. The entire moment was a reminder of why we do children’s and student ministry today. We plant seeds of faith when we teach and model Jesus Christ for kids. We reveal to them a loving God who gave His Son for them. When teens and kids follow Christ at an early age they have an entire lif ahead of them to serve the Savior. They have a future that is different from all of their classmates. They become missionaries of God’s grace to their school campus. I pray my daughters see Jesus for who He is at an early age spend their lives living for the Glory of God. I pray their lives count for God’s Kingdom in a mighty way.

Well – I have to go and get ready for the next service. Our God Reigns!