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The few, the brave, the proud. These are just a few words for middle school pastors who invest in some of my favorite people in the world every week. I admit it…I have always been passionate about middle school ministry. I believe it’s our last chance for preventive ministry as we serve teens. Investing in a middle school teen can change a life forever. When you search the web there are not many resources out there for middle school leaders. On September 4 a group of my friends are launching a website called and it is going to be a gathering place for middle school pastors. I hope you will check the site out, spread the word to other middle school leaders, and start using the hashtag #uthmin in some of your tweets so you can start connecting online. You can already follow along on twitter at @uth_min so go look them up. I’m excited to see how God uses this online resource in the coming years to fuel collaboration and partnership with middle school pastors across the country.