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Who is NEXT when it comes to leading the ministries we currently lead? Not sure if you have thought about this BUT the kids you lead each week in your teen or kid environment are the NEXT leaders we are equipping NOW. We are equipping them even if we have not thought that through. The past few weeks I have been overwhelmed by hearing stories of “former students” who were equipped by Grace Community Church. It is amazing to see them come back on their winter break and ASK TO VOLUNTEER WHILE THEY ARE HOME! Not just attend, they are still investing. Two of the students GCC mentored continue to make an impact as they are living life on their college campus. This first picture is Lauren Grizzard (she attends Austin Peay, lets go PEAY!) who is a small group leader for 6th grade girls at Remix, and the second picture is Nate Edmondson (he attends Moody Bible) who came back and spoke for Remix as we launched into 2010. One thing I know about both of these young leaders and so many other student leaders who have been mentored at GCC is that these leaders are going to make a difference. These leaders are making a difference now. Let’s make the gap between NEXT and NOW small and empower these leaders with a chance to lead today!