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If you do not know by now let me go ahead and confess that I am a football addicted man. I love my Vols and my Titans and I just keep getting sucked in more and more. Last night I was so excited about our game against UCLA. Well, we lost…in overtime…to an unranked team…our kicker missed 4 field goals…I was sick! Losing is just part of life and it has become a regular part of being a Vol. I learned a few things lat night and I thought I would go ahead at 6:50 this morning and vent a little about all my discoveries…

1. Arian Foster will fumble the ball when it matters! He is so good at fumbling in big games and at wrong times. PROTECT THE BALL YOUR A SENIOR.

2. Jonathan Crompton, our QB, looked like a guy who was scared. I did not see confidence until the 4th quarter when it was obvious we might loose this game. Not sure this guy is going to be able to handle the SEC. Great arm but every time UCLA got pressure on him he freaked out and threw a bad ball, 5 of them in the dirt!

3. We have a great D BUT we still let a bad offense with 3 starters hurt score 27! What happened in the second half?

4. Our QB looked Scared, did I say that?

5. Tennessee does not execute. We have culture of players an coaches that do not execute, make silly mistakes, look confused much of the time. I give our coaching staff an F for getting our guys ready for the game.

6. Our offensive line was supposed to be our strength. They really did not play as a unit last night.

7. Phil Fulmer does not instill confidence as the leader of this team. I have been watching other coaches…Saban, Myers, Carrol, Tuberville…they seem to lead their guys to be ready to play and they look involved in the game. Not sure what goes on at UT or how much we can say Fulmer gets his guys ready BUT what I see on the field looks sloppy.

8. Lets end on a good note…Hardesty, the entire secondary and Gerald Jones looked GREAT and kept us in the game.

Ok I am done venting, I feel better. UT fans get ready we could see a 1-4 start since we our next games are UAB, Florida, AUBURN, and then Georgia (3 out of the 4 in the top 10) So much for the new look VOlS, looked like the same stuff from last year. Not much has changed or improved.