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This may be a church “office” first! I got to work last Thursday trying to get back from time off with the Holidays and right in our hall was a ton of inspirational pictures on the wall. Yes the picture you see on this blog is from the Grace Community office and it is a huge montage of pictures and quotes from the tv show the office. Yes, we all watch it. Yes, when we saw these up on the wall we all fell over laughing. They are crazy and you can get the pictures from I think or HP’s web site…not sure. I am so thrilled to work with the people I work with. Office atmosphere and and environments that people enjoy do not happen by accident. We attempt to hire leaders at every level for every position and I am learning that the environment that leaders work in matters so much. People will not be productive in negative or tight atmospheres. Leaders must be listened to, leaders must have input, leaders must have direction and information in order to lead others! we are trying to create that kind of environment at GCC, we hope people want to come to work – not dread it. We hope people feel valued and supported and free to work and dream with passion. we are gonna keep trying. Thanks to the guys in our office for making work fun. Working in and for GOD’s economy should be the best environment in the work to be in. To all of you in the “church” who lead others. lets keep trying to create environments that work so others can work.