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One final post for 2007, here it is here we go. We just got back in from celebrating Christmas with our family in Shelbyville and the trip was a ton shorter this year. we cut our trip from 13 hours to one and a half, wow. We did miss our VA friends but man we did not miss the drive. Chelsea and I got to celebrate 12 years of marriage last night. I surprised her with a night away from the kids with a little overnight trip to downtown Nashville and the Melting Pot, wow what a great place to eat. It is wild to look back and realized we have been married for 12 years. Our hope and prayer is to make it another 12, we have to many friends and family who have not but hey we are going for it. We love each other and understand each other so much more today than we did 12 years ago. I am so blessed with my family, God dropped a huge blessing in my lap and wow I am blessed. with 2 girls now and a wife I am learning what it means to balance being dad and husband. STILL learning, everyday I am learning, got to keep learning and living and loving my girls.

Looking back on 2007 I am blown away by all the changes and how much personal growth I have experienced. God brought so many dreams to reality in 2007. So many ideas that have been exploding in my head for the past 7 years are beginning to be lived out in my everyday life. I learned this year that I am not crazy for thinking the thoughts I have about church. I am not alone in the mission to redefine “church life” here in America. There are so many of us who have surrendered to God’s call to create environments for people to connect with God not just preserve or maintain. I have been called to think dream and create and in 2007 I have been released to do that very thing. In 07 I discovered that relationships MATTER. Yes that seems so simple but for years most of my relationships have focused on people inside my local church, my volunteers, my group of teens and this year I have been awakened to the relationships I need to maintain and nurture outside my little safe Cristian bubble. There is so much to learn from those around us from those who follow Christ and those who do not. Those who are like me and those who are not. I have learned this year to listen and be aware of the people around me and look for the relationships God has intended for me. People matter so much to God, they should matter to me. In 2007 I am learning the art of being generous, yes it is a an art to me because it does not come natural for me. Giving away my time, money, and the grace I can give to others matters. In 07 I have learned that High def tv is sweet especially when I am watching the Titans or Vols (sorry had to get that in). Thanks a little to this blog I am learning to express my thoughts a little better in 2007. In 07 I have have learned even more the art of leading a team of people who are incredible leaders. Leading leaders mean listening, means casting a big vision, and it means being willing to accept other ideas. It is fun but challenging and I get to work with some incredible people. In 07 I have been reminded to live and enjoy everyday…no day is guaranteed. In 07 I have been reminded to pray – sounds simple but how can we gripe about stuff we never talk to God about, yea thanks Chad for that idea! In the middle of life, kids, bills, problems, parties prayer seems to be the one thing that gets pushed, learning I have to fight for it, want it or it will never happen. 2007 was a wild year and I know there is so much in 2008. Chelsea and I are gearing up for new challenges and new lessons. God has amazing plans,we are blessed with every day we get to be a apart of His mission. Here comes 08 – happy new year “yall”