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The student pastor at my church invited me to volunteer in the student ministry. I ran sound, help with events, led small group stuff, went on mission trips all as a volunteer. AMAZING OPPORTUNITY to serve in my church, shaped my life forever!

I was in college and my pastor invited me to join the staff at Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church and experience ministry from a staff perspective…what a huge OPPORTUNITY before I left for seminary (grad school for pastors, it is kind of boring at times well for that matter all school is)

At First Clarksville I got the OPPORTUNITY to create environments for middle school students…camps, service, Bible Study groups, events…I learned I loved to create environments and work with teams of volunteers!

At First Norfolk I was given the OPPORTUNITY to serve on a creative team with my pastor and several on the staff as we worked to shape the service flow each week. Great to learn how to contribute in the creative process with a group of leaders.

Now at Grace Community I have been given the OPPORTUNITY to experiment, create and shape environments for kids and teens. I have been given the OPPORTUNITY to create from the ground up but this current OPPORTUNITY is shaped by all the people that gave me opportunities in the past and invested in my life. I am the person I am today because of the opportunities I have been given over time. I am so grateful people have believed in me along the way and given me a chance to lead. It is so important to remember when we give other chances to lead in our current ministry or organization we are a part of that persons journey. We don’t just give people “jobs” or “responsibilities” we give them OPPORTUNITY to make a difference. Who are you giving OPPORTUNITY to right now?