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There is not a week that goes by that our staff does not get asked about all the stuff we don’t do. Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, Discipleship Classes, Men’s / Women’s Ministry, Children’s Choir, Adult Choir, Suits…(that was a joke) are just a few things that we don’t do. Because we have worked hard to re-imagine what church looks like many times we get defined by what we don’t do rather than the things we are doing! With that said, we are always looking to find new avenues to serve our community and help people become growing followers of Christ. We have added and will add many ministry strategies in the coming years. One concept that I think we have to be careful about as we add things to our agenda is to PACE OURSELVES. Many ideas are great ideas but they are not the ideas we should advance right now if we want to guard our ministry pace. These ideas are great ideas for later because if we add them now we will outpace our time, staff, and resources. A good idea at the wrong time can turn into a monster in our organization…a monster that kills momentum and steals focus. There are ideas we had three years ago at Grace Community that we are just now getting to implement because THIS IS THE RIGHT TIME. If I want long term health for the team I lead I have to help set the pace. I have to give my team the freedom to WAIT and protect a good idea so we can implement it when the time is right. How is your pace right now? How often are you saying no or wait to good ideas? The answer to that question will help you evaluate how you are doing at setting a healthy pace.