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In just a few months my two girls will both be in elementary school and our house will not have a preschooler in it running around! Times are changing for us and we are adapting. This year I have learned the power of creating quality one on one time for both girls. Don’t get me wrong, we do tons of stuff as a family. We love family time, we share meals together, we can’t wait for vacation but there are times both my girls need dad time just like my wife and I need to date. Creating one on one time is a principal that applies for your child no matter how old they are. Last week my oldest daughter and I simply went out for dinner while my youngest and her mom went to a birthday party. I was amazed as I looked across the table and saw a little girl who is becoming a young lady. We had great conversation, we laughed, and we enjoyed a great meal together. The time was priceless! What I do know is this…when we make time for one on one time with our kids when they are young we have a better chance of having that time with them when they are teens. If you are a parent I hope this week you will process the idea of blocking off one on one time with your kids. Make the connection, it’s worth it!