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We spend so much of our lives looking for significance. We crave it. We want to know our lives count for something, that what we do a work matters, that somehow we are important. I am guy so I know all about our search for significance. For men this is a big deal…

  • Look at where I went to school
  • Check out the car I drive
  • I am a ___________ fan. (just insert team)
  • Look how much money I make.
  • This is my title at work.
  • This is where I am going on vacation.
  • My five year plan is…
  • Look I got the Iphone 19 it has not even been invented yet.

I told you I am guy, therefore an expert on the search for significance. When it comes to significance we feel like we have to earn it.  The problem is that there are some areas of life where this search just leads to problems. Parents…if you are a mom or dad than you are significant. You don’t have to earn significance. The moment you became a parent you became the most significant person in your kids life. With parenting we need to stop searching for significance with our kids and start fighting for healthy relationships. When we stop searching for significance with our kids and start striving for healthy relationships we will…

  • listen to our kids more
  • be willing to be wrong and actually apologize when we are wrong
  • laugh more
  • relax more
  • invest more
  • give more advice and make less demands
  • talk more
  • serve more

Mom and dad, you are significant. This coming week embrace that significance and fight for what matters…fight for the heart of your kid.