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We all have a plan laid out for our life, a preference, a Plan A that we pursue. We even ask God to jump in and help make our Plan A come to reality…maybe God even does help us see that dream become a reality. The question is what happens when Plan A does not work, our dream is crushed, and we find our self looking at or for a new plan. That new plan is our “PLAN B” and Pete Wilson’s new book PLAN B helps walk people through the messy of process of finding God, hope, joy, and peace in the middle of a plan B that we really never wanted. Pete is a pastor and from that role comes the chance to see people in the midst of plan B moments day after day. People discover who they are and who they worship when plan B moments hit. What I like most about this book is that it is does not try to provide quick easy answers but rather reveals how God worked through scripture in plan B moments. The stories contained in scripture are about PEOPLE…PEOPLE just like you and me. Nothing special about Paul or Moses beside the fact that God used them to communicate truth to us all these years later. PEOPLE in scripture had just as many plan B moments as we have and Pete brings that to life page after page. I have already given a copy of this book to a great friend traveling through a plan B moment. Keep a few of these around because this is a book that can actually help people in the middle of the storm.