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Naming “something” is a big deal today. I was listening yesterady to Colin Cowherd on ESPN radio talk about how he had stayed away from a great restaurant becaue of a poor designed logo and odd name. It just did not look like a place he wanted to eat. When he went, he loved it…the NAME of somthing can be very important.

Tons of us in church life are wrestling with multi-campus, multi-site, multi-venue ideas for the churches we lead. Many of you work in churches that have multiple locations. At First Norfolk we had 2 campuses and now they have three…working on four…VERY COOL. I was reminded today of a NAMING thing that bugs me about multiple campuses. Here is goes, get ready, this may not bug you but it does me>>>>CALLING YOUR ORIGINAL LOCATION THE MAIN CAMPUS>>>> I drove by a local church that had on their sign the time of the service at their MAIN CAMPUS and the time for the other location. BLAAAAAAAAAAAA nothing sounds worse to me than MAIN CAMPUS. At First Norfolk we had to fight the battle that the MAIN CAMPUS name brought with it. That name automatically made the original campus seem more important and nothing could be further from the truth. It took months of work and relationship building to get our team at our Chesapeake location to know we were FOR them and wanted to partner with them. The MAIN CAMPUS name hurt the kingdom work we wanted to do and it can hurt your effort in the church you lead.

So now that I have that out of my system, please empower your other locations and come up with another name for your original location besides MAIN CAMPUS. I promise it will help empower your teams leading in your other locations. PROMISE!