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Why is it hard for me to quit things? Well for some of us it is easy to quit. Some people love to quit. These are those great people who start out with a bang and then week three o the project just do not show. Man, I love those people. Well maybe I am a little over the top here but we must continue. I struggle with quitting but I am finding that I need to quit doing things more and more. What I mean is that as I have more responsibility and people to lead I need to do LESS because I have to lead MORE. Not work less, but do less. I need to spend my work week investing in the most important things. Sometimes we confuse being busy with leading. We think if we are running around we are accomplishing the end goal. What I am experiencing is that as our church / family ministry grows I have to take more time to help the team solve problems, listen to my team, connect with my volunteers, PLAN PLAN PLAN. If I am going to do these things, I have to quit other tings that take my time. So we can strive for excellence and focus then we have to learn to QUIT the things that keep us from accomplishing God’s plan for our life.

Here are some good things I have quit to be BETTER at what God wants me to accomplish…
I QUIT playing 18 holes of golf so I could walk 9 and be home more with my girls!

I QUIT leading worship in our student environments so I could better plan the night and communicate wit clarity.

I QUIT staying late at work so I can go to the YMCA and get some exercise and then GO HOME!

I QUIT trying to set up ProPresenter for each week so we could train another leader to shape our weekly look at REMIX and I could save time.

I QUIT trying to be at every ballgame or every school play or every whatever so I could have be a real dad at home. I love working with students but I can not b everywhere!!!!

I QUIT trying to lead a small group so I could invest in our small group leaders.

What are you quitting so you can be better at what only you can do. 2 books that have given me freedom and direction on quitting are THE DIP by Seth Godin and NEXT GENERATION LEADER by Andy Stanley. This week try making a “what I need to quit” list. QQQQUUUUUIIIIIITTTTTTT!