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ThinkLooking forward and planning for the future is a needed discipline for any leader, but I think there are times, REMEMBER WHEN MOMENTS, when we need to reflect back on what God did in the past. Remember when moments are simply the times we can look back and see where God delivered us in the past. Every leader has these memories, the moments where God just showed up and moved despite our lack of talent, volunteers, or resources. Think back…

  • Remember when we did not know where we were going to meet?
  • Remember when we did not have office space?
  • Remember when we left our secure position to start a new work?
  • Remember when we did our job for free as a volunteer because we knew God made us for this?
  • Remember when 10 people showed up at our weekly event?
  • Remember when we were not sure we could pay the bills?
  • Remember when we had nothing to loose?
  • Remember when we shut that program down to do something different?
  • Remember when we did not have _______ (fill in the blank…sound system, lights, banners screens, whatever helps take your environment to the next level)
  • Remember when had 2 volunteers and even they were not sure what was going on?

“Remember when” moments remind us what we need most today and in the future is simply God…nothing more and nothing less.

God has called us, He placed us where we are serving, He has a plan, and He will deliver us. What we are called to do is simply live by faith! What is faith without risk? Are you facing big challenges in the future? If you are then you might want to look back and remember when God showed up last time!