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What risks is your church taking for Jesus? What are you doing in your church for Christ that you have to explain?

These questions have burned in my heart ever since I heart Alex Mcmanus ask them last week. They are beating in my heart even more right now because Chelsea and I are here in Atlanta with another couple dreaming about launching a service in Clarksville that will be very OUT OF THE BOX for Clarksville. We are praying, dreaming about a once a month service in Clarksville that allows kids and parents the chance have go to a worship service together. This is far from the wonderful (just kidding) idea of dragging kids into your service and making them be quiet, or draw on offering envelopes. I know some of you reading this think church is meant to teach your kid how to be quiet. I call that environment school but that is another post. We are praying about creating an amazing monthly experience that will help kids and parents connect and talk about God. I know not many of you have seen this idea in action but they do it well at North Point Community Church and we are going to learn from them. I am excited about this new adventure for GCC and excited to take the RISK. I am stoked to be on a team willing to embrace risk and seek God’s wisdom. We need risk! We need it so we learn to experience faith and trust of a God who can do the impossible.

Once more, what risks are you taking right now for God’s Kingdom?