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Well, I just told a bunch of people I have this and it is amazing to think that I write this stuff on this page for anyone to see so I am now making a rule for myself with this…

1. do not write anything that I would not want everyone to see (now or in the future!)

It is so funny – God sees our life just like an open blog, the only difference is that we have no control to hide anything from Him. He knows us, He knows what we think, He knows what I hide. He knows me but still loves me. That is so sweet. With that said – you do not get to see all I think so I will try to stick to my one rule with this.

I will vent, I will think, I will update, but I will also be careful. Here is another rule for myself…

2. I will not blog when mad

I think that will do it. We will see what happens. I am stoked about church in the morning. Our High School Ministry is presenting a drama and leading in worship on the Sunday before Christmas. That is so incredible. I really think God will use it. This presentation is on another level for sure. Go God!