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Well, the vols just lost the SEC championship by throwing 2 huge picks in the 2nd half and missing 2 kicks for the game. I am not surprised to loose to LSU but hey the defense did their job all game and the offense lost the game. It is hard to be that close to a championship and not bring it home. I will say that a 9-4 season for this team is huge. Great coaching job for the second half of the year, we will improve next year on both sides of the ball and see if we can win the SEC. You know you have a problem when you loose and immediately stat dreaming about next year, YES I am ready for August already. Thrilled to be back in TN so I can at least see all the Titan games for the rest of December. Hoping we can see a Titan run to the playoffs but hey, we will see.

Christmas is in full gear here at our house. last night we took the girls to see the Christmas lights on the Cumberland river here in Clarksville. It is not even close to as cool at driving through the lights at Va Beach but hey it was a good time. The picture I posted is of Kelyn at Chili’s last night…yes that is a cardboard advertisement thing she is wearing. It was too funny. I will add more on this later but I am wrestling with the giving idea this holiday. When I look at Scripture and the Christmas story I see giving everywhere…Mary, Jospeh, the wise Men, the Shepherds, God, all GIVING. Why do I strive to Get when God is calling me to give? In the season of giving our culture calls to to get all we can. Can I give away more time, money, Grace this Christmas…can I be generous? I am not sure…I am gonna try and gonna have fun trying. Christmas is in full gear here’s to hoping I can keep it all in perspective. (hard for a guy who likes to get)