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I had a hard parenting night Tuesday. Ready for the truth…here goes…I lost my cool with my 3 year old and have been losing my cool with her in the past few months frequently. Our youngest is an amazing little girl who is confident and passionate about life…those traits are such a blessing and at the same time hard to deal with when a kid is three and she simply wants her way. Here is more of my problem. I tend to give in or get mad when problems arise. The best part of all of this is that my amazing wife pointed this out to me last night with a few loving questions and then she let me think about it. I have an amazing wife, she could have lectured but she asked questions and let me process. Bottom line with my kids…I have to be more patient, strategic, calm, and consistent when dealing with problems.

Of course I am not just blogging about this just to confess my pitiful parenting online, there is a bigger principle that I am learning to embrace. When it comes to parenting I constantly have second chances to step back, refocus, and get better. I will blow it from time to time but I do have the chance to get my act together and make a better decision. Today is a new day to do things different. Our kids already know we are not perfect and what they need to desperately see is that we are always trying to get better at being mom or dad. We will get things wrong. What really matters is what we do with the second chances God gives us with our kids.