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No pics today but plenty of excitement. Seemed like a normal day on vacation until we had the joy of meeting Mr. Shark. Yes, we actually had a nice little shark attack today. I had just taken Kelyn back to the house to get her ready for nap and Chelsea was going to take Koz out for one more swim. The girls were in the ocean and there was a mom and daughter about 5 feet in front of them. A few moments later Chelsea looked up and saw the mom freaking out but not able to yell and in the shallow water saw a real three foot long shark. Chelsea did what anyone else would do, she screamed HELLLLppppppp. About 20 people started running to the water and started grabbing people out of the water and getting the shark off the little girls foot, I am not kidding. The shark got kicked back into the water, it was kind of BIG, 3 feet is 3 feet. The little girl was ok and Koz never even saw the shark. Chelsea…she saved the day and she is a shark master now. I expect her to be on shark week for sure. I am amazed, our family experienced a shark attack. Where was I at when this went down you ask. AT THE BEACH HOUSE GIVING KELYN A BATH. AHHHHHHHH I missed my chance to see if punching a shark in the nose really worked!