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The 2 pictures above came from a small group event that Jeremy Sydnor and David Tittle arranged for their small groups at REMIX. We love our weekly gathering, the teaching time, the worship, great video, the experience but the truth is that kids come each week because they are able to meet with a group of friends and an adult leader who cares for them each week in small group. Our hope is for life change to happen in the middle of RELATIONSHIP as students process what was taught from the Bible. When small groups excel they take the relationship to the next level. Next level small group leaders help their kids connect outside of small group time online and through planned events where connections can happen. Small group events help kids make memories. They give small group leaders the chance to have significant conversations with teens. They enable the small group to come together, to unite. When small group leaders do smaller connection events like a rafting trip, a camping experience, dinner out, or a sleepover teens have the chance to let their guard down and get to know their small group leader and the other people in their circle. Big thanks to Jeremy Sydnor and David Tittle for leading the rafting trip for their small groups. Thanks for working hard to take small group the next level!