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I did what I said I would never let happen at Relevant Student Ministry…this summer we had a softball team. Here were the rules.

  1. Michael Bayne will never come to a game. // Seriously, I would burn every bat and ball at the park the first time I saw a youth pastor act like a “butt” when coaching SOFTBALL.
  2. Have fun all times. // Softball is a game. It is fun to play. Why play if you are not going to have fun and that includes competing hard, competition is fun.
  3. Never ever take softball too seriously! // why ever take church softball serious? who really cares? It is a game!

After summer ONE of our first softball team (the Majestic Dragons) I could not be more proud of a group of students. They represented Grace Community and Relevant Student Ministry so well and they followed all my softball rules. If fact they had so much fun and did so well at not taking it serious that they finished 2nd in the league and never lost their cool. Here is an email I got from one of their coaches this week…

Hey man I just wanted to let you know how awesome all of our softball guys and girls are and have been all season. Last night we were forced to forfeit a game because of some crazy rules that the other teams coaches and parents decided to pull on us but as we left the field I’m rather certain our guys still had bigger smiles on their faces than the other team and that is the same attitude they have had all year, they just want to have FUN and they want everyone else to do the same. After the game I was approached by several of the league officials who commended our team not only for their positive attitude last night but they had all noticed it all summer long. Long story short our teens have been a true walking testimony all summer long on what it means to live a CHRIST centered life in everything you do and it has had an impact on many who have witnessed it. I am very proud of the teens and to have been able to be a part of just this one great thing that they are doing in their lives.

All I can say is…I am proud to be on the Relevant Student Ministry team. Thanks to the coaches and players who made this experiment work. GO MAJESTIC DRAGONS!