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I’m sorry. In leadership those words can be very powerful. No one likes to say them because none of us like to make mistakes. Some leaders even try to pretend they never make mistakes, but those types don’t last in the long haul. Our team recently made a mistake (I know, I was surprised too! I thought our staff at GCC was perfect!) and I was so impressed with everyone’s willingness to simply take responsibility and say I’m sorry. Apologizing and owning responsibility allowed our team to humbly evaluate and move forward. The people who follow us (those we work with, our families, our friends) need to hear us say those words with regularity. Why? Leaders take risks and that leads to mistakes. Leaders also have to be willing to own the mess and take responsibility when something goes wrong. Saying I’m sorry actually leads us to be the kind of leaders people want to follow. If you are going to lead just get used to saying it…practice it…embrace it!