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Love music and love reading, this is the STUFF I LIKE post for the week. I figure since this is my blog I get to talk about stuff I like and here are three things I AM REALLY liking right now.

RELEVANT magazine is like getting a birthday present in the mail every other month! Great writing, insight, and perspective every time it comes in the mail. I get it and start reading the same day every time. Go to to check it out and ORDER yours today. It is the best deal out there. Oh and if you like music, this magazine and its coverage will blow you away.

MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA…got turned on to these guys about a year ago by Jamie McGregor and I can not stop listening. Saw them live at rocket town a few months ago and they blew me away. Their new album drops April 21 and it is going to be amazing. Go to itunes right now and get their last album and get ready to be blown away. GREAT SOUND and they are on their own label. Yes, they have their own label…the wave of the future for the music industry. The cd cover above is their last EP, love the artwork.

ROBBIE SEAY BAND…this album and their last are both amazing.There is no these guys sound like comparison for RSB. It never gets old, its makes you think, it always helps me see God more clearly. These guys lead worship at a church in Houston called Ecclasia, go check it out at . I love when artists serve in the local church. We are so blessed at GCC to have Daniel Doss and Jason Roy call our church home and see them serve the church with their writing and leadership. More artists are going to be partnering with the church in the coming years.