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It has been a great weekend here. not much going on and we are in a little break from camps and trips with the student ministry. Get to be at GCC for the next few Sundays and then we have our Mission trip to New Orleans. The camp experience is so great but man it is good to be home and it has been good to hang out here at the house with the girls. Chelsea took a job as the director of the Cumberland Presbyterian Preschool here in town. She is excited and was working on some curriculum stuff for the fall and she found this book that said March 25, my birthday, was national pancake day! To be honest, I was thrilled. One more reason to go to IHOP! I wanted to make sure it was true so i went to the source of all truth, Google! What did I find…the worksheet she found was not true. I was excited for nothing. No pancakes! In honor of the great day, March 25 i went and found all the incredible things that are celebrated on my birthday!

Holidays and observances
In Christianity, March 25 is typically celebrated as the day of the Annunciation so long as it does not fall on a Sunday or during Holy Week or Easter Week.
Hilaria, day of resurrection of Attis, a Phrygian deity
Historic start of the new year (Lady Day) in England, Wales, Ireland, and the future United States until the adoption of the Gregorian Calendar in 1752. (The year 1751 began on 25 March; the year 1752 began on 1 January.)
Maryland Day;
Greek Independence Day;
Freedom Day in Belarus;
Mother’s Day in Slovenia.
One of the four Quarter days in Ireland and England.
Saint Dysmas, the ‘Good Thief’
Saint Humbert
World Vegetarian Day

yes this was all from wikipedia! the second place to find all the info you need!