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From the very first day Grace Community have tried to embrace teamwork as a core value of our staff. We never thought it would lead to Batman and Nacho Libre hanging out on our office! We added three incredible guys on staff (Adam Bayne as our kids pastor, Rog Hill our Serve pastor, and Brandon Reed as our college pastor) and it has been amazing to watch our team come together even more. As we have added staff the extra margin created has led to our team serving as one even more! We hate the silo approach to ministry where everyone stays within in their own area. We staff around our strategy and since we all embrace the same strategy we can all have a voice in each others ministry. We really feel when one area of the team wins we all win. When we needed some help for a Cross Street Live video Rog and Brandon stepped up to the plate. That is flipping teamwork!

Here are some things I think make teamwork on a leadership team work…

  • Everyone has a voice (maybe not a vote but a voice) – thanks Max Dupree for this lesson!
  • Everyone has to be willing to give TIME to the other members of the team. Yes, keep the door open, and let another team member give or get input!
  • Everyone has to CARE – yes that is big, we have to care about what each othewr are doing.
  • Everyone has to believe in the other members of the team. Hiring the right people brings confidence!
  • Everyone has to embrace healthy conflict. Yea, there are times we will not agree but that many times brings us to the best decision. Conflict is not a four letter word.
  • Everyone has to be willing to step in when crisis hits!
  • Everyone has to be able to laugh. Yes this is a big deal.
  • Everyone has to understand the mission and strategy. We do not hire team members to come give us a strategy here at GCC, we have one! We hire people to push the mission and strategey forward.
  • Everyone has to be a VOL…ok maybe not but it would help!