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I am writing after Tennessee just lost by one to Arkansas. What a great game! I am sick we lost but I have to say it was one of the best games I have seen all year. I love that we have a team that never gives up. I love to watch out guys run and gun. The loss may really help us in the end. If UT gets focused they can win a national championship and I can not wait for next Thursday and the big dance to start. Forget a #1 seed, bring the 2 seed and lets roll. I am stoked about our regular season sec championship and ready to see what the big orange machine can do. Go Vols.

We spent the past 2 days in Shelbyville to celebrate some new members of our family. My in laws adopted 2 wonderful children they have been raising for the past several years. Chelsea has a new brother and sister! God led her parents to adopt last year and they took the plunge of being 54 and parents of little kids. I am so proud of them. This move does not make sense in the eyes of man. They are not wealthy but they are simple following the barbarian way of Jesus and obeying the guidance of Father God. It makes no senses but it is such a Jesus kind of thin to do. we threw a big party for the kids and it was an amazing time. It was such a picture of what God has done for us as His children. We are HIS! God did the unspeakable and adopted us into His family. well, enough of being sappy – I am just amazed that my IN LAWS did what they did. welcome to the family Kamyia and Tristan!

Not much else to type, It has been an amazing week and God keeps teaching this guy about His way and His will. Trying to focus more on what matters and less of the temporal traps of this life. Enjoying God is the goal…