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November is NO SHAVE NOVEMBER at relevant student ministry. How did this start you ask? Nate Edmondson had the idea a few years ago and all of the guys at relevant jumped in so it has kept going. Many people started and did not finish but the faithful few stood strong over Thanksgiving and boldly stood in front of our grandmothers with our beards and took the heat. Yes, you know grandmothers and weird people at church and work are always the ones who comment on people who grow beards. To all of you who have to tell us how you do not like it…THANKS you just motivate us to keep going! Why did I grow the beard…here are my top ten reasons to embrace No Shave November…

10. It is COLD outside, the beard helps!
9. No Shave and November just work.
8. Because I can. That should just be enough.
7. Because I once worked at church who had a “personnel manual” that addressed BEARDS! Ha!
6. I read Wild and Heart a few years ago and it inspired me.
5. So I can hear my daughters call the gray hair in my beard “WEIRD”
4. So I can inspire the guys in our student ministry to NOT SHAVE!
3. So one day I can have a beard like Jamie McGregor, he was growing a beard in 6th grade!
2. Because the Titans have not lost a game in November.