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The hardest day of the week for me is no doubt Monday. Don’t misunderstand, I love hitting the office on Monday. Love getting to start a new week with different projects. The struggle with Monday for me is that my brain is swimming with evaluation over Sunday and the demand to shift gears to preparation for our student ministry environments on Wednesday. What I have discovered is that the more I fight for the health of our church as a whole and not just my area of family ministry the more I process Sunday, pray for Sunday, and embrace the power of Sunday for teens, kids, and parents. Mondays are filled with evaluation but in the end I have to shift my focus to making sure our mid-week environments get the attention they need. This is how I have began to manage the tension between fighting for the weekend and our mid-week environments…

  1. Make room for the real target // Jesus is the center of all we do in ministry so on Mondays we have to make sure our focus stays on that target. No matter what happened over the weekend we have to remember our true motivation in pointing people to Jesus. Hard days are made harder when we are moving to the wrong target.
  2. Plan your week // You may have a huge list of needs from the weekend. Make a list and plan what is most important to tackle so that you still have time to get to work on your mid-week ideas. A good list just gives direction to the week so you can measure progress.
  3. Focus on improvement not perfection // Every Sunday and Wednesday will reveal problems. Just keep getting better. Keep making forward progress even after you have setbacks keep moving ahead. Perfection can’t be our standard for ministry but improvement has to be demanded.
  4. Guard your attitude // Be real on your hard days but guard your attitude. Attitude is a choice to choose to rise above your emotions and embrace an attitude that honors the people around you. Our God says in the Bible that He is making all things new.

What are some steps you take to fight through your “hard days” in ministry?